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  • This cup is made of natural bamboo. After the bamboo is ground into powder, it is processed into a cup, which is matched with various color patterns. It is fashionable and beautiful. After use, it can decompose compost and return to nature without po……
    Nov 16
  • In the market, the more common wardrobe materials are solid wood, MDF, particle board, plywood, and the latter three are artificial boards.……
    Nov 15
  • The molar stick helps the deciduous teeth to erupt, corrects the phenomenon of biting the teat, and at the same time trains the baby's oral chewing function in time. The eruption of baby deciduous teeth is mostly between 4-10 months and late to 12 m……
    Nov 12
  • Carbonized bamboo is processed bamboo. The bamboo is placed in a 200-300 degree high-pressure carbonized boiler for steam carbonization. After high temperature and high pressure, the surface forms a hard carbonized particle layer. At the same time, t……
    Nov 08
  • The hardest wood in the world! It is generally between 20 and 35 meters high. There was a foreign guy who had experimented. He used a pistol to hit the tree, but only left a trace. It can be said that this can be taken as a bullet-proof robes?……
    Nov 07
  • People are more popular than people, and wood is not too much. There are many kinds of wood commonly known as "Pear" in the mahogany market, but the price is very different, some prices are so high, and some are still in the "civilian" market.……
    Nov 06
  • This wine bottle cover is made of natural eucalyptus and has a plastic threaded inner ring on the inside for a perfect fit to the bottle to prevent liquid leakage. The golden LOGO and color scheme are also very high-grade. If you don't like this colo……
    Oct 30
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