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  • Hardwood producers interviewed in the Appalachian region and the Pacific Northwest reported strong timber production in the first half of 2018, but this situation changed rapidly during the summer as the trade war began to heat up.……
    Jan 16
  • The Chinese New Year is getting closer and closer, and the production time is getting more and more tense. After the efforts of the workers, the customers' products have been completed. The high-quality, high-transparent glass bottles made by Shuyi a……
    Jan 15
  • Carbonized wood is a new symbol of people's pursuit of green, improving people's quality of life and refreshing people's living environment. It has opened a new era of green, energy-saving, environmentally friendly and pollution-free home decoration ……
    Jan 14
  • It is estimated that global wood consumption increased by 2.1% in 2018, from 334 million cubic meters in 2017 to 341 million cubic meters. The United States, Canada, Europe and China are expected to rise, with Russia and Japan falling slightly.……
    Jan 11
  • Every girl needs a mirror, whether it is combing hair, skin care or make-up. This mirror is suitable for use on the table. It also designed a base for jewelry, so you can store your clothes easily. small item.……
    Jan 10
  • Unedged sapwood grades and specifications……
    Jan 07
  • The geographical environment of the narrow and dense people is usually expressed in the humanities. Japan is a typical example. A small dish on a plate when dining, a scaled-down toy, food model, for fine and precise, there are few people in the worl……
    Jan 05
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