Alpine Edging Board Grades And Specifications
Jan 07, 2019

Unedged sapwood grades and specifications (Chinese market)

Grade A, AB, B, BC; thickness 26/32/38/50/60mm; width 12cm+; length 2.1m+.

Comparison of CEDAR alpine edging board and current market Western European sheet

In the current Chinese market, the quality standards for eucalyptus wood are mostly A, AB, and ABC is based on the processing of the logs of Western European eucalyptus logs A/AB. In contrast, CEDAR's sheet grades are subdivided a lot, because the eucalyptus we process comes from the Croatian State Forestry Administration's standard five grades, F1, F2, A, B, C. We are cutting the logs of different grades. The condition of the board surface is first divided, and after steaming and drying, the sorting line is once again subjected to truncation and sorting.

CEDAR factory is divided into A grade, AB grade, B grade, BC grade, CD grade, core board according to the condition of the board surface. Please understand the following quality standards in detail below:

1. Class A of CEDAR: clear on both sides, the net surface of the board is as high as 99-100%, basically no defect, and the truncated ends are basically free of cracks. (The ends are not painted, you can clearly see the quality of the end)

2. Class AB of CEDAR: One side clear, that is, one side is A grade, no defect, the other side will have a little waterline or 1-2 bars. The truncated ends are basically free of cracks. (blue paint on both ends)

3. Class B of CEDAR: A small number of A-plates with small defects on both sides, allowing 1-2 penetrating throttlings, allowing partial water lines, allowing partial partial cracking. (red paint on both ends)

4. CEDAR's BC grade: Allows for slightly larger defects on both sides, allowing for large sections and waterlines, but does not include core material, allowing partial cracking. (green paint on both ends), mainly sold to the Indian market.

5. Other grades, such as CD grade and core materials, allow for any defects. The main market is the North African market such as Egypt, which is not exported to China.

We compare the Western European Elm sheet grade to the CEDAR grade standard and describe it as follows:

- CEDAR's Class A is superior to Western Europe's Class A. Western Europe Class A allows 20% of the boards to have a difference surface. This board is placed in the CEDAR class AB.

- Class AB in Western Europe, equivalent to CEDAR's AB and B grades, but the A board did not pump away. The CEDAR AB and B grades do not have a pure A board.

- The ABC grade in Western Europe is a 30-39cm whole log sawed and cannot be compared.

Ratings and specifications:

Unedged timber

Grade A, AB, B, BC; thickness 26/32/38/50/60mm; width 12cm+; length 2.1m+.

Straight sapwood

Grade A, AB; thickness 26/32/38/50/60mm; width/length 8cm+/0.3-0.9m, 10cm+/1.0-2.0m, 10cm+/2.1m+.

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