Bazhou District Forestry Bureau Carries Out Special Rectification Of Winter Wood Processing Enterprises
Jan 02, 2019

Recently, the Forestry Bureau of Bazhou District organized the law enforcement forces of Linzheng to comprehensively clean up and rectify the enterprises engaged in timber processing and processing in the whole district, and further strengthen the supervision of resources through legally regulating the timber management, processing and transportation industries, and earnestly safeguard the forest management of the whole district at the end of the year. order.

The rectification will focus on checking whether the timber processing and processing enterprises have illegally acquired, processed and transported timber, and inspected and registered the enterprise stock logs, sawn timber, wooden semi-finished products and their legal source certificates. Standardize the situation in which individual enterprises play "edge ball" in the operation, and establish confusion in the purchase and sale of accounts. At the same time, they will announce relevant policies and regulations to enterprises, help establish a standardized timber purchase and sales account, and promote the healthy development of enterprises.

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