Every Girl Needs A Wooden Jewellery Box
Oct 16, 2018

Every girl needs a jewelry box to be a refined girl

Jewelry is essential for every girl, and these small pieces are always easy to lose, then you need a jewelry box.

The selection of black walnut wood, with high-end locks, is a delicate experience, with natural gas, environmental protection is not luxury.

Anti-oxidation electroplated aluminum alloy, more firm and more durable, metal handle, rich in gold.

According to the characteristics of necklaces, rings and bracelets, different compartments are designed, which is more convenient for humanized design.

 Wooden Jewellery Box Feature 

*Walnut production, anti-mite anti-corrosion

*Separate design, rational use of space

*Bring your own box to prevent dust from entering

                                                   Wooden Jewellery Box

 Wooden Jewellery BoxJewellery Box Wooden Jewellery Box

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