Food grade natural wood carving bowl features
Jul 31, 2018

The wooden bowl is an exquisite handicraft and a good practical product. The wooden bowl style has a larger mouth, a smaller belly, and a shallower bottom; the mouth is smaller, the belly is larger, and the bottom of the bowl is deeper. The size of the bowl is divided into large, medium and small. The larger mouth is about five inches in diameter, and the smaller one is about two inches in diameter. The color of the wooden bowl is divided into red, brown, brown and yellow. The same background color, there is a difference between shades and shades. This product uses natural high-quality wood, through complex process, the surface uses transparent environmentally friendly lacquer technology, the product itself may have natural wood grain and tiny black enamel, which is a normal phenomenon in the process of natural wood production in high temperature. It is made of natural lacquer. It keeps the natural clear wood grain of the raw material and perfects the non-toxic, odorless, tasteless, and difficult to break. It has the advantages of practical lacquerware with fireproof and high temperature resistance. It combines practicality and ornamentality.

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