Handmade Wooden Crosses-Siamese Rosewood Prices Have Been Rising
Sep 25, 2018

According to market research, Siamese rosewood has become a new hot spot in the market after the lobular rosewood and Hainan huanghuali. In the past eight years, the increase has reached 1000%. It is surprising to see this figure. Why did Siamese rosewood become so expensive in a few years, what is special about it, so that prices have been rising?

    In fact, the "old mahogany" mentioned in the market refers to the red rosewood. In the previous period, the red rosewood did not show its own advantages under the brilliance of Hainan huanghuali and lobular rosewood. Until 2010, Hainan huanghuali and lobular rosewood became increasingly rare, and the red rosewood rose to the forefront. As people became more aware of the red rosewood, its price immediately rose.

    Characteristics of Siamese rosewood

    The wood of Siamese rosewood is very hard, and the wood is fine, the density is high, it can sink to the water, and the growth cycle is relatively long. Generally, the Siamese rosewood tree can be used for more than 500 years. Its color is closer to the lobular rosewood, similar to the red color. The annual ring pattern of Siamese rosewood is straight-like, and there are dark brown or black stripes in the wood grain, giving a sense of atmosphere and full of ancient charm.

    Born advantage

    In the past, Siamese rosewood and Hainan huanghuali and lobular rosewood were called yellow, purple and red, which were the raw materials used in making furniture in the palace. It can be seen that the origin of Siamese rosewood is also very valuable, with the superiority of special identity, and the ability to appreciate is an inevitable phenomenon. After all, it is the wood used by the ancient emperors, and certainly everyone is happy to pursue it.

Palm Size Religious Handmade Wooden Crosses

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  Beautiful lobular rosewood

    In many ways, Siamese rosewood is very close to the lobular rosewood, not only high density, fine texture, but also very hard, suitable for fine carving. The red rosewood wood carvings produced are very collectible. Coupled with the color of the atmosphere, it is very popular with people.

    Deepen your understanding of Siamese rosewood

    There are more and more people who know how to do it now. Everyone is gradually recognizing and advocating this raw material in their understanding of Siamese rosewood. After all, the red rosewood was introduced into the court as a substitute for lobular rosewood, and the superiority of its material became increasingly apparent, so it was highly valued by people.

    From the auctions in recent years, the transaction price of Siamese rosewood has been on the rise. For example, at the Beijing Poly Autumn Auction in 2012, a pair of mid-Qing mid-red rosewood top cabinets auctioned 40 million. The high price shows the importance people attach to Siamese rosewood.

    Raw materials are becoming scarcer

    Everything is rare, and now the red rosewood, originated in Thailand and Vietnam, and almost developed, only a small part of the border between Laos and Cambodia, with the two countries on the cutting policy Control, the supply of Siamese rosewood raw materials in the market is very small, once caught in a situation of short supply. In the future, it will definitely be even rarer. The crafts of the red rosewood will only become more and more tight, and the price will become more and more expensive.

    Good prospects for investment appreciation


    Nowadays, the industry generally has the saying that “saving money is better than saving redwoods” and “home has redwoods for generations to come”. Redwood crafts have very good development prospects in the market. The red rosewood, the beautiful texture, the color of the atmosphere, the texture is very good, has undoubtedly become the main force in the redwood, the appreciation space is still immeasurable.

    Someone asked why the red rosewood is so expensive? Can only say that the value of the face, by strength. Not only is it expensive now, it will be more expensive in the future. If you have a Tibetan friend who likes the red rosewood, you must grasp the opportunity now and grasp the collection.

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