Hhandmade Bamboo Lid For Cream Bottle On Sale
Oct 20, 2018

Shuyi adheres to the green industry concept of “Bamboo can be wood, bamboo can win wood”, using high quality fresh bamboo from natural, four to six years as raw material, high temperature cooking, high pressure carbonization, constant temperature drying, thorough de-sugar Fully carbonized, insecticidal and sterilizing, scientifically superimposing bamboo fine-cutting pieces, and assembled into different specifications of plates with environmentally-friendly glue under high temperature and high pressure. The products retain the inherent high density, toughness and strength of bamboo, and It maintains the natural texture of bamboo, fresh and elegant, beautiful and comfortable. Its environmental protection indicators have reached the European E1 standard for export, and it is the best raw material for bamboo crafts and bamboo furniture. Catering to the modern people's return to the true, advocating nature, the new wave of environmental protection.

The bamboo lid is made from natural bamboo by hand and has high hardness. Combined with ABS and silica gel, it has no peculiar smell and can be used with confidence. The inner wall of the bamboo lid is designed with a spiral pattern, which can be closely attached to the cream bottle, so that the object does not emit a leaking imagination, thereby better storing the liquid.

Why Choose The Cream Bottle Bamboo Lid

(1) 100% quality assurance;

(2) Hand-made, hand-polished;

(3) Accept customization,OEM and ODM;

(4) Can be ordered in small orders;

(5) Natural and Handmade & Eco-friendly;
(6) Material: Available for different timber.

Bamboo Lid For Cream Bottle

Bamboo Lid For Cream Bottle

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