Hot Products Bamboo Coffee Cup On Selling
Nov 16, 2018

Eco Natura Bamboo Fiber Coffee Cup Reusable

This cup is made of natural bamboo. After the bamboo is ground into powder, it is processed into a cup, which is matched with various color patterns. It is fashionable and beautiful. After use, it can decompose compost and return to nature without polluting the environment.

bamboo coffee cup.jpg

Feature Of Bamboo Coffee Cup

1. Made By Bamboo Fiber and Corn Starch.

2. No Plastic Ingredient and No Pesticide.

3. Environmentally preferred renewable organic material.

4. On natural plant paint, safe and non-toxic, anti-mold and anti-mite

5.We can customize Shape, Size, Color, Logo, Decal, Packaging, Promotion details, etc

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