How about the import and export situation of wood products?
Feb 27, 2019

Throughout our country lumber imports and exports circumstance this year, substantial entrance grows, and by negative reach the heart that positive product export growth affects many people to live in, think of this news to enterprise of a lot of household building materials to have important sense.Nowadays, the circumstance of furniture import and export affects our country furniture company directly "go out" development, accordingly, the manufacturer friends that is engaged in lignin furniture wants to notice! 

1, woodiness furniture entrance drops slightly as the improvement of quality of our country woodiness furniture and the ceaseless improvement of style, go up with the price and foreign furniture to compare have an advantage, accordingly, the share that our country woodiness furniture is in domestic market is increasing ceaselessly.Although the first quarter of China's commercial housing sales area has a larger growth, but, wood furniture imports negative growth.Among them, the import volume was 1.8044 million pieces, down 1.64 percent from the same period last year, and the import amount was 160 million us dollars, up 0.55 percent from the same period last year. 

2, log import difficulties increased

Although, this year international lumber market increases because of carriage cost, price rises, add a few countries to restrict log to export wait for a factor, import difficulty increases, but, pull as a result of domestic demand, log import still appears substantial growth.According to statistics, in the first quarter of 2017, the total volume of log imports completed 12.7428 million cubic meters, an increase of 15.71% over the same period of last year, with an increase of 1.7303 million cubic meters. 

Because our country is log importer, China's imports growth, driving the growth of the international timber market trading volume, as in traditional imported logs powers, in addition to Papua New Guinea fell by 18.13% last year, most of the countries of timber imports, reversing years of continuous decline, especially in New Zealand to return to the first logs the location of the importer. 

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