Maintenance of kitchen hardwood cutting boards
Jul 31, 2018

After buying the cutting board, put it in cool water for about a day, or put a proper amount of salt in the water. After soaking for a long time, wash the whole cutting board with detergent and rinse it off with water. The cutting board can be put into use. Do not soak the cutting board. Soaking with oil will make the cutting board easy to crack. New cutting boards should be used frequently, and should not be used for a long time. When not in use, they should be sealed to prevent them from blowing. After using it for a period of time, the cooking board is not easy to crack after the cooking oil slowly infiltrates into the cutting board. After each use, be sure to keep the cutting board moist, do not let the cutting board dry, or expose to the sun. It is best to equip the cutting board with a special terry cloth. After use, put a wet terry cloth on the cutting board so that it can moisturize and prevent the cutting board from drying out. Also, every other week, a layer of salt is applied to the board to prevent sterilization and prevent the board from cracking.

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