North American Timber Market In 2018 Before High And Low
Jan 18, 2019

   The state of timber prices in 2018 was caused by two distinct situations at different times: first, too little supply, prices rose in January 2018; second, too much supply, prices fluctuated at the end of the year. Of course, the sudden Sino-US trade war is also a major factor affecting the timber industry in 2018.

     At the beginning of 2018, due to the bad weather in British Columbia, Canada, the US market first experienced tight shipments, and the lack of flexible supply caused prices to soar to record levels in the middle of the year.

     In the second half of the year, the situation changed and the timber supply was sufficient. The costly sawmills in western North America have been cutting production to cope with the price below the cost, but the overall supply and demand fundamentals in 2019 still look optimistic.

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