Russian Forest Illegal Logging Area Has Exceeded Germany
Dec 10, 2018

On November 28, 2018, illegal logging in Russian forests was severe and the area exceeded that of Germany. According to the head of the forest protection department of Russia's Greenpeace organization, illegal logging has threatened Russia's former collective farm forests, which are about 40 million hectares, more than the area of Germany, and its legal definition is vague.

    He said that felling was usually carried out on the land of former collective farms and state farms. In the 1960s, forest farms were allocated to these farms in the name of forest protection. Now the whole piece has become a no-man's land, so anyone who wants wood can be cut down here. This is a “resource site” with 40 million hectares of land where people can engage in criminal activities in the clearing of farmland. He also stressed that the cutting of valuable century-old forests on the land of these former collective farms, which are classified as agricultural land, is being staged throughout the country: in Siberia, northern Russia, and even in the Smolyan Mountains upstream of the Moscow River. Skra.

    Russia’s Greenpeace began collecting signatures to petition the Russian president, calling for additional legislation to give legal status to forests growing on agricultural land and forests that do not exist on other types of land.

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