Sake Cup Story And Hot Aale Wooden Cup
Jan 05, 2019

  The geographical environment of the narrow and dense people is usually expressed in the humanities. Japan is a typical example. A small dish on a plate when dining, a scaled-down toy, food model, for fine and precise, there are few people in the world. Can surpass Japan.

  The tradition developed in the history of the ship is not only eye-opening, but also ridiculous. "Why should you use such a small cup for drinking sake?" The Japanese will never ask themselves, but in New York, Timothy Sullivan (Timothy) Sullivan is an interesting question. After he tried Japanese sake 10 years ago, he was committed to promoting and becoming a Japanese sake expert. Here are his observations and answers:

  "This is a tiny "ceremony" in Japan. The Japanese think it is very rude to pour their own wine. So when Japanese and friends dine, they always look at each other's glasses and see if they are empty. It will help the other party to pour wine. This is mutual. So the cups are usually made very small, so the ritual of "actively helping others pour wine" can continue."

  He also said that although sake has a thousand-year tradition, it became a more complicated drink in the 1960s. The quality of sake is greatly improved. Whether it is aroma or texture, it is more and more like red wine. Therefore, Sullivan personally also recommend using a goblet to drink sake, because the design of the cup allows people to focus on the fragrance.

  Here are two wooden cups that are popular for everyone. They are very suitable for drinking sake. They can be customized or printed.

Natural Small Wooden Tea Cup

wooden cup.jpgThe    jujube wooden cup has its own unique wood pattern. After painting, the texture is more beautiful and beautiful. The retro brown color is very matched with Japanese cuisine.

Reusable Wooden Sake Beer Coffee Tea Cup

Wooden Sake cup.jpg    Natural beech wood cup, simple design, a variety of sizes can be selected, take the whole wood hollowed out, hand-polished and lacquered, the overall appearance is smooth, no burrs, beautiful and practical.

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