The Hardest Tree In The World And Birch Wooden Cutlery
Nov 07, 2018

How hard is the hardest tree in the world? The answer is that it is twice as hard as ordinary steel and three times harder than oak. It is - iron birch.

The hardest wood in the world! It is generally between 20 and 35 meters high. There was a foreign guy who had experimented. He used a pistol to hit the tree, but only left a trace. It can be said that this can be taken as a bullet-proof robes?

birch wood.jpg

This kind of wood is also often found in various anti-Japanese TV dramas. The people inside use this kind of wood as a shield, because it can be used as a bullet to attack.

Most of the iron birch trees are distributed in the eastern and southeastern parts of Jilin, western Zhejiang, and northeastern Liaoning. They are also in the Soviet Union, North Korea, and Japan.

Because of its hard wood and its wide range of uses. So it is very rare now. The iron birch is a rare and endangered wild plant and is a critically endangered species.

The use of iron birch is extremely extensive. People use it as a substitute for metal. And it can also be used in China's aerospace industry, it can be used for aerospace accessories.

It is also used in appliances, high-end cars, accessories for cruise ships, pipes, and can be used instead of steel. And you can also make high-end furniture, handles, and play pieces. But its price is not cheap!

Because it is used too much, it can be used as a substitute for metal. As a result, the number is getting smaller and smaller, and it is already on the verge of extinction. People call it the "tree king."

People who like to travel can visit this tree. Feel the style of "Tree King"!

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