What Iis Carbonized Bamboo-Bamboo Cup And
Nov 08, 2018

What Iis Carbonized Bamboo

Carbonized bamboo is processed bamboo. The bamboo is placed in a 200-300 degree high-pressure carbonized boiler for steam carbonization. After high temperature and high pressure, the surface forms a hard carbonized particle layer. At the same time, the bamboo itself will be harder. At the same time, it can achieve the effect of killing and sterilizing

100% Natural Bamboo Coffee Cup Reusable

Made from 100% natural bamboo, the bamboo cup is designed according to the unique bamboo design of bamboo. After professional treatment, the cup is not easy to be mites and moldy, strong and durable, and it can be degraded and reused. It is coffee, drink and drink. The choice of the second.

bamboo cup.jpgSmall Bamboo Spoon Ice Cream Spoon

This small bamboo ice cream spoon is made of natural bamboo by carbonization, hand-made and polished, anti-mold and anti-mite, resistant to falling and not easy to break, durable.

bamboo spoon.jpg

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