What Is Ash Wood And Cosmetic Jar Wooden Lid Recommend
Oct 26, 2018

Ash is a dicotyledonous plant with a similar appearance to European eucalyptus. Distributed in parts of North America and Europe, it is easy to cut tools, polished, and resistant to decay. Wood has a large compressive strength, a static bending strength and a tensile strength. Ash is mainly used to make luxury furniture, bark and fruit for medicine, and dark brown and blue dyes.

Cosmetic Jar With Wooden Lid

Cosmetic Jar With Wooden Lid

This wooden lid is made of natural ash wood, with a matte cosmetic glass bottle. It looks very high-grade and can be chosen according to the characteristics of cream, lotion and eye cream.

 Wooden Lid Feature

1. Made of natural ash wooden, non-toxic and tasteless

2. Support multiple print Numbers to customize your LOGO

3. Can be customized according to the size of your product

4. Can be customized separately, or can be customized with custom cometic jar with lid

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