What Is Walnut And Walnut Vintage Decorative Wooden Serving Trays
Sep 20, 2018

Walnut is a better quality wood, mainly produced in North America and Europe, Southeast Asia. Domestic walnuts are lighter in color. The black walnut is light dark brown with purple, and the string cut surface is a beautiful large parabolic pattern.

Furniture, cabinetry, interior decoration, fine joinery, doors, floors and panels are ideal materials for matching light wood.

Walnut Vintage Decorative Wooden Serving Trays For Hotel

Wooden Serving Trays.jpg

This beech and walnut-stitched plate has a unique retro look and uses a compartmental design to make it more practical in use and suitable for restaurants, noodle restaurants, hotels, fast food restaurants, etc.

Juglans regia has a wide range of applications in Asia, Europe, and the Americas. Walnut can be used to make butts, handles, and sporting goods. Since the 14th century, walnut has been widely used in the manufacture of furniture, especially in the northwestern countries of Europe. One of the reasons for the popularity of walnut is its light weight and rich color change. Walnut heartwood is usually light yellowish brown to brown, and the color and stripes usually vary with the place of origin. Usually walnut is taupe with a distinct dark or black streak and its color fades over time. Walnut has different trade names in different countries, but the wood has different wood colors in different regions. For example, English walnut is a heavier and deeper walnut, while Ancona walnut ( Ancona walnut) Italian-made walnut with the most diverse patterns. The Circassian walnut comes from the Caucasus in the Black Sea, so it is also known as the Black Sea walnut. This walnut stripe is deeper and irregular than other walnut strips, so some people think that it is the most A good walnut tree tumor comes from Circassian walnut. Carqarhian walnut refers to walnuts from Ukraine, Russia, Czechoslovakia and Germany. Currently, most of the households on the market are Peruvian light walnuts, which are light in color and suitable for household use. Gold walnut, beautiful color, precious material is the most high-quality raw material for making furniture, and the pattern is special, the wood is expensive, few furniture manufacturers can perfectly reflect its characteristics, the texture is clear and colorful, and the modern noble taste is the choice.

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