Why Do Baby Need To Use A wooden Teething
Nov 12, 2018

The molar stick helps the deciduous teeth to erupt, corrects the phenomenon of biting the teat, and at the same time trains the baby's oral chewing function in time.

The eruption of baby deciduous teeth is mostly between 4-10 months and late to 12 months. Usually a one-year-old child will have 6-8 teeth. In the process of eruption of the deciduous teeth, the baby's saliva volume increases, drooling, like to bite hard things, put the finger in the mouth or bite the mother's nipple. These phenomena are the abnormal feelings of the deciduous teeth before the eruption of the gingival nerve, suggesting that the young deciduous teeth are trying to overcome the coverage of the gums, so at this time, the baby can be supplied with some molar biscuits to help the deciduous teeth erupt and correct. The phenomenon of biting the teat, while also training the baby's oral chewing function in time.

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When you find that your baby has more drooling, you always like to bite things. When you rub your fingers, it is usually half a year old. Whether your baby has long teeth, you can give your baby a molar cake. The molar cake is not only for the baby who has teeth, but also the bite of the baby who is about to have teeth. It can also exercise the toughness of the baby's gums. Although the baby has not yet had teeth, but the baby's gums have become more and more hard, so give the baby to eat some hard food to exercise the baby's chewing ability, which is more conducive to the baby's teeth. There are also babies who have started to sprout in 4 months. Therefore, you can let your baby bite the molar stick properly. However, not every baby likes to wear a tooth stick. Some babies may not be interested in the molar stick. Continue to rub their fingers. If this is the case, the mother does not have to let the baby eat the molar stick. Pay attention to keep the baby's hands clean. It is.

Baby deciduous timetable

Teeth age

Incisor in the breast 6-12 months

Milky incisor 8-10 months

First deciduous teeth 12-16 months

Milky teeth 16-20 months

Second deciduous teeth 20-30 months

During the eruption of the baby's deciduous teeth, the baby's gums will be itchy. The molar stick will alleviate the discomfort and other discomfort of the baby during the eruption of the deciduous teeth.

Provide a variety of choices for mothers to fully supplement their nutrition. Different stages of the teeth, we need to add different forms of Mengyao food to the baby. For example, when the deciduous teeth have not fully erupted, you can choose a small steamed bun. After the teeth erupt, you can choose the molar stick to relieve the discomfort caused by the long teeth, or choose the molars. The cake meets the baby's chewing desires.

Natural Wooden Baby Teether Rattle Toy

Wooden Baby Teether.jpg

This baby toy can be used as a teether, as a rattle, an animation pattern and a color design, which can easily attract the baby's attention. The large hole in the middle is also convenient for the baby's small hand to hold.

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