Wood knowledge-Wha Is Pine
Sep 17, 2018

Pine is a kind of coniferous plant (common coniferous plants are pine, fir, cypress), which has the characteristics of pine scent, yellowish color, sputum, fast response to atmospheric temperature, easy swelling, and extremely difficult to dry naturally. Therefore, it needs to be manually treated, such as drying, degreasing to remove organic compounds, bleaching the uniform tree color, neutralizing the tree, making it difficult to deform.

In the cultural history of furniture, the creation of pine furniture, the Nordic people's creativity, contributed to the magic, and the fast-growing tree species that were originally crowded with excess resin were turned into high-quality plates, thus making pines simple. The unadorned texture, the vivid texture, the pure and bright color, the home environment is decorated with elegance, pureness, and harmony with nature. Therefore, pine furniture has been designated as environmentally friendly furniture by the United Nations Department of Humanities. Pine furniture is visually “colorful”. The soft and soft pine color "natural and difficult to give up" let other tree species bow down. Uncarved pine wood furniture is a natural scenery, natural style, fine texture, delicate lines, soft and soft.

4 Cup Pine Wood Coffee Mug Tree for Hotel

 Wood Coffee Mug Tree for Hotel.jpg

Pine is often used to make furniture, with the following advantages and disadvantages


1.the color is natural, maintaining the natural color of pine, the texture is clear and beautiful.

2.the shape is simple and generous, the lines are full and smooth, and the quality is good.

3.practical and durable.

4.strong elasticity and permeability, good thermal conductivity and easy maintenance of pine wood furniture selection, design and manufacture of pine wood coniferous forest species. The growth cycle of pine is long, the annual rings are fine, the texture of the wood is flexible, the oil content of the trees is low, and the distribution of the yin and yang colors is uniform. In addition to these advantages of the material itself, the furniture manufacturer controls the dryness of the material very strictly, requiring a moisture content of no more than 10%, and all materials are stored in the constant humidity warehouse before production.

In order to avoid backwatering during manufacturing, the production cycle should be as short as possible. Generally, it can take no more than three days from production to finished products, and some can even produce finished products in one day. Moreover, there is a strict drying treatment at every stage of production. 

Although some imported pine furniture is made of pure solid wood, it will not crack or deform; this is unmatched by similar domestic products. In order to reflect the natural and simple design concept of pine furniture, the surface coating of the product is covered with matt nitrocellulose treatment or vegetable oil immersion and beeswax coating. This method of painting keeps the texture of the wood itself clear and natural, and the lines are smooth. Infiltrated the clear and fresh atmosphere of nature. Pine wood furniture combines the modern furniture manufacturing process while highlighting the natural, stable and coarse-smelling style. 

Not only the craftsmanship, but also from the raw materials to the accessories, all pursue the natural taste.

Modern pine furniture is a combination of pine and fabric pine and metal. In the color combination, it also maintains the natural color of the wood, highlighting the modern atmosphere of the furniture. It combines beauty and function, and is practical and suitable for creating a relaxed and comfortable home.

Small Take Away Removable Wooden Stool

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1.Pine wood is soft, easy to crack and deform, and high moisture content can easily lead to cracking.

2.pine furniture pay attention to pure natural color, need to be well maintained, otherwise it is easy to change color, especially sunshine, to be strictly guarded.

3. the general pine furniture products use multiple paint spraying, the surface paint film is thicker, which masks some shortcomings, but loses the natural core value of the pursuit of nature, and for a long time, the paint is easy to change color.

Pine maintenance method

The maintenance of pine furniture usually has the following types:

1.pest control: keep ventilation.

2.dust: often removed.

3.crack prevention: maintain a certain humidity.

4.anti-collision: away from sharp and hard objects.

5.anti-aging: the surface is properly waxed.

Since pine is very natural, there are three aspects to be aware of in terms of maintenance:

1. Always use a soft cloth to remove the dust from the texture of the wood grain. Before dusting, apply a spray on the soft cloth.

2. When using, use a mat under the hot plate as much as possible to prevent the food soup from overflowing, smearing or damaging the table top;

3.try to avoid contact with corrosive liquids, alcohol, nail polish, etc. on the furniture surface.

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