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2018 New Products Maple Wood Wall Hanger Hook
Nov 06, 2018

                                     Maple Wood Wall Hanger Hook

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Maple is divided into soft maple and hard maple. It is a temperate wood. It is produced in the south of the Yangtze River basin until Taiwan, and is produced in the eastern United States. The wood is grayish brown to grayish red, the annual rings are not obvious, the tube holes are many and small, and the distribution is even. The maple grain is interlaced, the structure is very thin and uniform, the light weight is hard and the pattern is excellent. Easy to process, the cut surface is not smooth, and it is easy to warp when dry. The paint has good coating performance and strong glue. Mainly used for sheet metal thin surface.

Why choose The Maple Wood Wall Hanger Hook

This one-line Nordic-style wall hanging is made of natural maple wood. It is made of natural colorless, odorless and non-toxic botanical paint, which can maintain the original color of maple, and can prevent moldy mites in the process of wood. The wall-mounted design has a threaded opening, which is easy to install and use. It is convenient to hang the jacket, hat, key and other objects in the home. The unique shape is also added to the home decoration.

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