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China&Russia Will Jointly Crack Down On Illegal Timber Smuggling
Nov 09, 2018

According to Russian satellite news agency sputniknews, the Russian Federal Ministry of Natural Resources said that Russia will continue to work constructively with China on reforestation and to stop the illegal supply of Russian timber to China.

    Russian Minister of Natural Resources and Ecology Kobelkin said earlier that Russia has informed China in advance that if the issue of reforestation is not resolved, then Russia may temporarily ban the export of timber to China. Kobelkin also suggested that the Chinese government build 10 to 20 seed gardens in Russia for reforestation.

    Kobelkin confirmed today at the "Committee Time" of the Federal Council that the relevant ministers of Russia and China have expressed their concern about re-forestation and taking measures to stop the illegal supply of timber from Russia to China.

The Russian Ministry of Natural Resources said that the two sides have repeatedly stressed that it is necessary to regulate cooperation in this field so as not to harm the interests of legitimate exporters and not to take restrictive measures. There are no statements regarding changes to the constructive cooperation vector.

    Kobelkin stressed that the Chinese representative said that he was willing to explore the issue of building reforestation facilities in Russia.

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