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Christmas And Santa Claus
Dec 25, 2018

Christmas.jpgChristmas and Santa Claus

  Christmas is a religious holiday. In the 19th century, the popularity of Christmas cards and the appearance of Santa Claus made Christmas begin to become popular. Christmas celebrations have become popular in Northern Europe, combined with Christmas decorations in the northern hemisphere winter.

  It developed into the middle of the 19th century, and Christmas began throughout Europe and the Americas. And derived the corresponding Christmas culture.

Santa Claus

  The prototype of Santa Claus is indeed a real person in history. He is the bishop of St. Nicholas who lived in the city of Mira in the 4th century AD (now in Turkey). In the fourth century AD, Nicholas was born in Badala City, Asia Minor. His family was rich and his parents were very enthusiastic Catholics. Unfortunately his parents died young. When Nicholas grew up, he donated all the rich property to poor and poor people. He went to the monks to worship the temple and serve the society for life. Nicholas later became a priest and was promoted to the Lord. In his life, he did a lot of charity work. He likes to help the poor in secret. Santa Claus is his later nickname. This name is from the story of his secretly sending money to help three girls.

Nicholas was revered as a saint after his death. He was a white-bearded old man in a red robe and a red cap. Every Christmas, he drove from the north with a deer sleigh, entered the house from the chimney, and placed Christmas presents in socks on the children's bedside or in front of the fire.

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