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Cleaning Of Wooden Cigarette Holders
Jul 31, 2018

The use of cigarette holders is for the health of smokers. Reasonable cleaning and maintenance are more conducive to healthy use: External cleaning: Wipe gently with a soft cotton cloth. Since it will always be held by the mouth, be sure to pay attention to hygiene. It is recommended to use hot water before use, then use a paper towel to remove water droplets or dry. two. Internal cleaning: If the internal cleaning of the core-changing cigarette holder is very simple, because it is filtered by the filter element, there is only a small amount of tar on the inner wall of the cigarette holder that may leak due to the tight installation. Just wipe it with a paper towel or cloth strip. Clean it. The cleaning of the mouthpiece is mainly for the cleaning type cigarette holder, because this type of cigarette holder can be used repeatedly for cleaning, and the cleaning process plays a key role in the use and filtration effect.

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