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EU Urges Ukraine To Lift The Ban On Export Of Logs
Dec 20, 2018

The EU urged Ukraine to lift the export ban on logs (roundwoods) and encouraged Ukraine to continue to improve the business investment environment and eliminate the unfavorable factors that hinder trade.

The two sides will further promote trade and eliminate technical barriers, including customs procedures, technical provisions, sanitary and phytosanitary requirements and food safety system reforms, government procurement systems and intellectual property protection, mainly in accordance with the terms of free trade.

The EU reminds Ukraine of the need to fulfil the commitments under the Joint Agreement and the Free Trade Area, including the incorporation of appropriate EU legislation into national legislation, the implementation of administrative and institutional reforms, and the provision of an effective and transparent administrative system in order to begin with The Industrial Product Conformity Assessment Agreement is negotiated.

Earlier, the Ukrainian legislature verkhovna rada restricted the consumption of domestic logs to 25 million cubic meters per year in the export of unprocessed timber outside the Ukrainian customs territory.

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