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Hardwood Round Head Curtain Rod Installation Steps
Jul 31, 2018

Install the curtain box, first determine the elevation according to the flat line, and draw the center line of the curtain box. When installing, align the center line of the curtain box with the center line of the window, and the wall part of the box should be tightly fixed and fixed according to the individual design. The curtain rails are installed, and the curtain rails are divided into single, double or triple tracks. When the window width is greater than 2.3m, the curtain rails should be disconnected, the breaks at the breaks should be staggered, and the bends should be smooth, and the overlap length should be no less than 200mm. Ming curtain boxes generally have a first track. Heavy curtain rails should be lengthened; the dark curtain box should be rear tracked. The small corner of the heavy curtain track should be encrypted. The normal matching method on the market is one meter with two installation codes. If the curtain is heavy, the installation code can be added to the situation without affecting the pull. The purpose is to ensure the load bearing is in the safe range. Wood screws are not less than 30mm. The rails remain in a straight line after installation. The curtain rod is installed, the connection fixing member is corrected, and the rod or the wire is attached and pulled on the fixing member. It is flat and in line with the room elevation.

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