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He Sold A Piece Of Wood With A Sense Of Technology
Nov 13, 2018

The rural areas that have long been ignored by the industrial and commercial circles are actually the “big cakes” of the huge market consumption scale. From travel to e-commerce to the practice of many industries in the cultural travel industry, it is shown that a consumer upgrade is quietly taking place in the rural market. For start-ups, whoever can seize the opportunity to cut in, whoever has the potential to grow up

Be a technology-driven toy company, if it is in front of most toy companies. Even today, its technology is still very different from its peers. In the words of an enthusiast, it is "a thick steampunk style."

For example, "Cool Dragon." Dozens of small wooden boards, no screws, no glue, and a motor that can only be reversed and reversed in the "belly". Based on these, the R&D personnel let the "wooden mosaic dinosaurs" achieve bipedal walking, turning left and right, leaning over复杂 and other complex features.

Don't underestimate it's simple construction and technical difficulty. The underactuated mechanical design technology, bionics design, and system integration technology are used, and the resonant frequency and various parameters involved are greatly learned. "Guo Huagen is very proud. Cool Dragon has sold hundreds of thousands of copies so far, and has never succeeded in copying."

    The combination of wood and "black technology"

Combining wood with "black technology" is the most remarkable feature of the state of the toy, and it is also the first in the industry. In the minds of consumers, wood and technology seem to have never been a set of related concepts, and it is precisely the strong contrast between this simple and avant-garde, which makes countless circles.

The predecessor of Ruozhou is the Noah Robot Research Center. In 2004, former Acer engineer Guo Huagen joined several friends who did research and started the “black technology entrepreneurship”. However, in the process of commercialization, it has repeatedly hit the wall.

Until 2008, they used high-dimensional and low-dimensional methods to focus on the toy industry, and chose the wooden stitching toy that looked the most unscientific.

Since 2016, he has spent millions of dollars each year on research and development.

Others think he is crazy, and Guo Huagen’s abacus is clear. "We are not developing a system. It is in the layout industry 4.0, and it may not be able to sell money." Guo Huagen said.

The 180-person R&D team focuses on originality

When it comes to foreign toys, there are Lego, Barbie, Fisher and other popular brands for decades. China is the world's second-largest toy consumer market after the United States, and there are only a handful of toy brands.

Guangdong Aofei has already made some gains on the road of ip derivative. What Ruo represents, is another route - the original design brand of the toy industry.

It is hard to imagine the peers. If the annual revenue is less than 100 million yuan, it has a research and development team of nearly 180 people. And in contrast to the planning of Industry 4.0 and the design of the men of science and technology, Guo Huagen respects the personality and working style of creative talents more than many professionals.

For example, there is no fixed product on the new cycle, and even few market research. In Guo Huagen's view, the industrial management method will annihilate those products with subversive value, and then let the products fall into the inherent routine of the products on the market.

Foreign supply mode, domestic brand

Under the turmoil of Chinese companies, toy companies are gearing up. However, most of them are in the downstream of the industrial chain, and most of them are engaged in OEM production. Chinese brand toys face many challenges in order to open up overseas markets, especially in Europe and the United States.

In contrast, if the state of the sea goes smoothly. The European and American markets value the intellectual property rights of toys and the environmental safety of materials. This is precisely the advantage of the state. At present, the overseas sales of Ruo State account for about 40% of the total sales.

For a long time, Guo Huagen did not personally operate the overseas market, but supplied it to large toy retailers. "One million yuan a single, a few times a year, the company is very moist."

This is obviously not a long-term solution for branded toys. Since 2012, Guo Huagen has decided to walk on two legs. Foreign countries continue to follow the supply model. In China, they strengthen their control and accumulate experience in branding.

At present, if the state has been established with the Eslite, Fangsuo, Yanji, pop mart, 19 eight 3 and other trendy supermarkets, the store has established a cooperative relationship. The total number of sales points exceeds 1,000, concentrated in first- and second-tier cities.

With the practical experience of the domestic market, Guo Huagen intends to personally operate the local operation in the form of branch offices in overseas markets.

Wal-Mart Sam's member stores, outra-geous, joker and other overseas distribution channels have been opened up, if the state of the sea 2.0 plan is already on the string.

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