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Heilongjiang Wood And Other Import And Export Speed
Dec 06, 2018

With the platform of the China-Russia Expo, the customs of many places in China, Russia and Mongolia have reached a multilateral cooperation consensus. The import and export speed of commodities such as timber, grain and light industrial products will be accelerated again. The statistical data exchanges of the four ports in the province will be implemented, and the mutual recognition of Sino-Russian regulatory results will be implemented.

At present, Heilongjiang Province and the Russian Far East Customs Bureau carry out anti-smuggling information exchange and statistical data exchange, and implement mutual recognition of Sino-Russian regulatory results at four ports in the province to facilitate the import of timber, grain and other resource products and the export of China's light industrial products. The Sino-Russian Customs also established a coordination mechanism for customs clearance, timely solving the problem of Chinese personnel and equipment in the transit section of the Sino-Russian Eastern Gas Pipeline Project in the Russian customs clearance, and timely assisting the China-European class, the “Haofufu” land and sea transportation and market Operation, support Volvo car special exports to Europe.

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