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Hot Sale Cup Hanger-Release New Standard For Mahogany Furniture
Sep 20, 2018

On the 25th, the "Su Zuo Hongmu Furniture Group Standard" was officially implemented, and the inheritance of this non-legacy project was a collection.

Ming style furniture making skills, Su Zuo skills in the Ming Dynasty formed a standard production techniques, but there has been no written record. However, in modern times, if you want to make Suzuo mahogany furniture production technology promote, promote, inherit and innovate, you must have a whole set of modern models.

Xu Jiaqian, a representative of the national intangible cultural heritage, said that Suzuo mahogany furniture is one of the three major schools of Chinese classical furniture. However, according to the traditional "spoken hand teaching" inheritance method, some unique craftsmanship of Su Zuo mahogany furniture Without widespread dissemination, the scale of the industry is difficult to grow, and a large number of crude imitation products have appeared on the market.

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In order to maintain and promote the essence of this traditional brand culture, in March 2015, Suzhou Furniture Association organized 30 mahogany furniture manufacturing enterprises in the city, and Xu Jiaqian, the representative inheritor of national intangible cultural heritage skills, drafted and formulated "Su Zuo mahogany furniture." Group Standards, and passed the evaluation of the expert group organized by the Jiangsu Provincial Quality Supervision Bureau.

According to Gu Zhihao, president of Suzhou Furniture Association, the "Group Standard" includes three parts: production technology, structural process and quality inspection. Many of the provisions in the standard, especially in terms of materials and quality testing, are higher than similar national and industry standards. "This "Standard" mainly regulates the selection of materials, the choice of ingredients, and the method of cutting and drying. It also stipulates the technical requirements and production specifications of woodworking, engraving, lacquering and hardware assembly to ensure the basic elements of the products. In line with historical heritage requirements."

Gu Zhihao said: The so-called "Group Standards" also shows that the craftsmanship of Su Zuo mahogany furniture must be inherited and carried forward by the "team". Because this industry covers design, sculpture, woodworking, painters and other categories, the traditional inheritance of a single skill does not represent the entire process, nor is it conducive to the development of the entire industry. Therefore, we must cooperate with the group to create a better future. This standardization has expanded the development space of this genre to expand the space for further development. At the same time, the majority of Suzu mahogany furniture lovers have purchased an "artifact" to distinguish between true and false, good and bad.

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