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How To Choose Round Wooden Sofa Legs
Jul 31, 2018

Look at the material, solid wood has many kinds of materials, the price of solid wood sofas of different materials is also very different, look at the hardness and wood grain of wood, the higher the hardness of wood, the more beautiful the wood grain, the more precious the material, the higher the price . Check the solid wood. When selecting, consumers can see if the sofa sofa has natural wood knots; finally, if there is any color difference in the solid wood, the real solid wood surface is generally colored. Look at the details and see if the solid wood has cracks, insect eyes, mildew, as long as there are these kinds of situations, you should not buy. Check the frame, the solid wood sofa is reinforced with screws and protective blocks. Consumers can sit on the sofa and try a few times to see if the sofa will have a creaking sound. If there is, it is best not to buy it. Smell the taste to see if there is a pungent odor. If there is a pungent odor, it is likely to be excessive formaldehyde in the paint on the surface of the solid wood sofa. In this case, do not buy it, which will cause great harm to the body.

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