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Is High Density Good Wood And Wood Handle Recommend
Oct 25, 2018

   When some consumers buy solid wood flooring or solid wood furniture, they will be influenced by some reasonable thoughts and social misunderstandings. They form an inherent thinking in the subconscious: the heavier the solid wood furniture, the better the weight, The heavier the wood, the better.

Is this real? !

    Misunderstanding, the bigger the weight of the wood, the better

    Wrong! The weight of the wood is related to the air-dry density. The finer the wood fiber, the higher the air-dry density of the furniture (the weight-to-volume ratio of the wood to the equilibrium moisture content under certain atmospheric conditions);

    The heavier the weight, the higher the dry density, the greater the weight of the wood, the higher the hardness and the higher the strength, so it is an indicator of strength. The wood of solid wood furniture generally requires a dry density of 0.6 or more.

    However, the heavier the furniture, the higher the swelling rate, and the higher the shrinkage rate when spitting. In other words, the heavier the wood, the greater the degeneration.

    The air-dry density of the furniture is related to the wood used in the furniture and the process used in the processing. It is not that the air-dry density is larger or smaller, but the moisture content of the furniture is measured according to the air-dry density and the local average humidity. The difference is much, the less the difference is, the less the furniture is deformed.

    Stable or not and the relationship between weight is minimal

    In fact, the oily long-term dyeing in wood fiber makes every detail of the furniture have the nature of not being afraid of water. From the stability of the use of furniture, it has nothing to do with the weight. From the actual use effect, the furniture The heavier and more stable the conclusion is not precise.

    Coincidentally, when people buy solid wood furniture, they will encounter some less professional rhetoric. "You see that this rubber wood partition is so heavy, you don't print it with your hand, which means the wood is good."

    "You see that our wood is very thick and has a very high hardness, second only to mahogany, and the quality is of course good."

    When some consumers are asking about the stability of the furniture, the salesperson will say that the wood used is hard, so the stability is excellent. However, these statements are all inaccurate.

    Correct view

    Like some stable woods such as teak, pineapple, Indonesian mahogany, etc., their density is not high, and the high density and quality are not necessarily proportional, not high density can be called good wood.

    Wood does have the problem of swelling and shrinking, but if the production process is in place, the wood is dry and well-stitched, and the solid wood flooring and solid wood furniture are difficult to crack and deform.

    For example, in the production process of solid wood furniture, the most important thing is the wood drying process. If the drying is not done well, the made furniture will be easily cracked and deformed. If it is dry, the wood itself will be relieved of stress and will not be deformed. Cracking problem.

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