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Korea: Timber Importers Are Required To Provide Legality Documents
Jan 10, 2019

According to the website of the New Zealand Forest Lords Association, since October 1, 2018, South Korea has asked importers of specific timber products to submit relevant documents to the Korean Customs to confirm the legality of their imported timber products.

     The supporting documents must be able to prove that the production of wood products complies with the relevant laws and regulations on logging in Korea or harvesting countries. This requirement applies to products such as wood pellets, logs, sawn timber and plywood.

     The Forest Stewardship Forest Certification (fsc) and the Forest Certification Scheme (pefc) forest certification are considered certificates that meet the new requirements for Korean timber legality. For New Zealand exporters without the fsc and pefc certificates, the Korean government agreed to use the tax declaration as a certificate to meet the new requirements after consultation between the two governments, but did not accept the current Ministry of Primary Industries information statement as proof of legality. 

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