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Method For Repairing Long Tapered Hardwood Furniture Sofa Legs
Jul 31, 2018

It can be used for 7 days in the cracks, using the inherent characteristics of wood shrinkage and swelling, cracks and water swelling, fine lines are naturally healed within 7 days, then polished with 1500 mesh water sandpaper, fine cloth wiped and cleaned Then, it can be painted and waxed. To paint, choose a colorless and odorless environmentally friendly paint, apply it once, polish it once, and repeat it four times. Waxing is also four times, but you can't use sandpaper to polish with a fine cloth. Please pay attention to the reader; your mahogany quality is good, such as sandalwood rosewood or scented rosewood, etc., you must repair it according to the above method, that is, save and have a sense of accomplishment after repair, otherwise, it will be very expensive to ask others to repair.

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