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New Use Of Bamboo Handles
Dec 04, 2018

Bamboo culture is also a long-standing family in China. When it comes to bamboo, everyone will naturally think of its character that is not afraid of adversity and directness. The beauty of bamboo has another performance in addition to furniture in modern times. It is a combination of elegant shape and soothing rhythm. Through innovative design, it does not lose its simplicity and nature. The following shows that the handles made of bamboo are processed into crafts.

bamboo handle.jpg

bag handle.jpgbamboo teapot handle.jpg

Seeing these beautiful crafts, do you think that the bamboo decoration is very powerful, so come to the tree art custom handle to build your product.

Bamboo Handle For Bag

Bamboo Handle For Bag.jpg

why choose the handle

With the development of the fashion industry, people gradually integrate some natural product elements into fashion. This bamboo bag handle is suitable for making bags. It is also suitable for all kinds of cards. According to the characteristics of bamboo, it can be molded by the traditional processing of the mage, which is very testable.

 Wooden Bag Handle Feature 

1. Keep the original shape of the bamboo, customizable color

2. The handle size can be customized according to the size of the bag

3. Natural bamboo production, hand-heated to adjust the curvature

4. Comfortable feel, non-slip, easy to hold

5. Retro market, strong match

6. A variety of styles can choose

7.Can be used to make crafts such as bags and teapots

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