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North American Timber Industry Is Expected To Start Well In Spring 2019
Dec 19, 2018

Although the economy may remain weak in January, the North American timber industry is expected to start well in the spring of 2019. Although it is widely believed that there will be a recession in 2019, the timber industry seems to disagree with this view, and matt layman, a consultant at charlotte, North Carolina, shares the same view.

    In matt layman's latest timber market forecast, he expects the timber industry to usher in a strong start in the spring of 2019, despite the slow growth of the timber market in January.

    Although the timber industry is expected to start very well in the spring of 2019, matt layman cautions that some people in the industry are not expected to purchase 4 to 6 months of inventory on an industry-optimistic basis. According to matt layman, the timber market was still unclear in the last half of 2018, which made buyers unable to see the market and the timber supply company reduced production. However, this weak forecast will not be enough to stop a strong start in the spring of next year.

    Matt layman analysis predicts that the market will stop raising interest rates, affordable housing solutions, cheap timber, trade ceasefires, and huge national demand that has been suppressed across the United States. Therefore, matt layman believes that demand for wood in the second and third quarters will be very strong compared to the uncertain and volatile first quarter.

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