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Particle Board
Sep 17, 2018

In the home building materials market, only the particle board should be the most controversial among the many plate comparisons.

On the one hand, the particle board has been questioned because of the large amount of glue and the raw materials are particles, and it has been listed as a non-environmental batch. On the other hand, it was influenced by some words that “a certain brand is using particle board”, indicating that the particle board is an environmentally friendly batch.

Who is right and who is wrong? Why are particle boards questioned like this?

First of all, the particle board is a kind of particle board, which is beyond doubt.

The particle board is produced by the use of wood particles and spray-type production, and the structural stability of the finished board is stronger than that of ordinary particle board.

In the current domestic market, the particle board is generally in the E1 and E0 grades and is also used by many furniture brands.

First, raw materials

The raw material of the particle board is wooden pellets, which is a general rule for the production of pellet boards. However, in the past period of time, some enterprises will pretend to waste some wooden residues or other inferior materials for reasons such as production cost, so the produced particle boards are lacking in quality and environmental protection.

Therefore, in terms of raw materials, the particle board is slightly controversial, which is also due to the influence of a small number of companies on the market.

Second, the amount of glue

It is undeniable that the amount of glue used in the particle board is larger than that of the eco-board and the multi-layer board, and is slightly less than the density board.

Due to the high cost of aldehyde-free glue, in general, particle board manufacturers do not use aldehyde-free glue, and basically use less expensive urea-formaldehyde glue, which contains a large amount of formaldehyde.

Therefore, some people say that particle board is not environmentally friendly, and there are reasons.

Third, the environmental rating

Aside from the amount of glue and adhesive, the environmental protection grade of the finished sheet is a powerful explanation for the sheet. Friends who pay attention to the environmental grade of the sheet will understand that the E1 grade is the lowest level in the country, and the E0 grade is just a threshold for entering the interior products, so When a merchant reaches this level in promotion, there is no selling point.

Fourth, the brand furniture enterprises are using

Big brands, that is, brands with large scale and large advertising investment, when these brands use furniture to make furniture, there will be a large number of people promoting such boards.

Generally speaking, agents and franchisees are the most obvious. In the domestic plate dosage, the particle board ranks in the top three, but it is not the first.

Fifth, the price aspect

Many friends will find that the price of domestic plate is quite different. The price difference between the same grade of particle board, small brand and big brand can be doubled.

Sixth, quality aspects

Particle board has relatively good properties in terms of deformation resistance and structural stability, so this is one of the reasons why many people recommend particle board, because stable quality means less after-sales work.

Combined with the above 6 points, it can be seen that the particle board does have advantages and disadvantages, which is why so many sheets, particle board is the most controversial.

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