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Prohibition Of Selling Wood? The Ministry Of Agriculture And Forestry Of Angola Came Out To Blame
Nov 12, 2018

According to the Lusa news agency, the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry of Angola recently denied a message from the Angolan Daily that the government refused to sell timber, saying it was a misleading alienation of foreign investors.

    The Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry of Angola believes that these messages are aimed at undermining efforts to restructure forestry activities and the recent “significant results” of the sector, such as a significant reduction in illegal logging and foreign exchange earnings from the country’s exports of timber and other forest products.

    According to the statement, a forest product warehouse was established under the Forest and Wildlife Protection Act to promote the standardization of timber and other export products. Therefore, the export of timber and other forest products must be carried out through timber warehouses, including Angolan companies owned by any national or foreign citizen.

    The management of the warehouse is the responsibility of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, and the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry can establish management contracts with private companies. The statement also reaffirmed its commitment to the sustainable development of the forest sector, bringing benefits to the country without affecting the environment for future generations.

    In August of this year, all activities related to the development of forest resources in Angola have been suspended. This measure has been in force for six months and the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry has taken measures to control timber logging and disorderly timber trade, in particular It is in the province of Moxico and Cuando Cubango.

    This measure is combined with the announcement of operating concessions and the construction of six timber warehouses in semi-industrial units as a means of promoting the inspection and commercialization of forest products.

    In the new forest law, export timber must submit a letter of credit or deposit transfer issued by a foreign bank to the exporter’s account of the domestic bank.

    Oscar Silva, head of the National Association of Angolan Industrialists and Lumberjacks (ANIMA), was worried about the duration of the forest movement. He said that the forest movement was very short-lived as of October 31, coupled with losses caused by rain and shutdown, requesting the authorities to extend the deadline.

    Regarding the telephone call to ask whether the forest movement will be extended this year, the Director of the National Forest Service of Angola told the Angolan Daily that “I am sorry, I cannot reply. I am going to attend a meeting now.

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