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Redwood Furniture That We Misunderstood
Sep 17, 2018

The real rise of mahogany furniture has been a matter of recent centuries. In the Ming and Qing Dynasties, only the princely princes and a few rich merchant families were used. Many people just "heard" about mahogany furniture.

I heard that mahogany furniture is red.

I heard that the more expensive the mahogany, the more expensive it is.

I heard that the mahogany is like an old antique.

I heard that mahogany furniture is very expensive, can not be used only to collect

Under the influence of "heard of hearing", many people love the mahogany furniture deeply, but they are far away. Today, Xiao Bian will uncover the truth behind these "heards." Let everyone love the thoroughness of mahogany love.

Mahogany furniture is red

This was indeed the case. The earliest mahogany in China was transported by Zheng He from abroad. At that time, the craftsmen had never seen these species, but they felt that the texture was red and they called it "redwood." Later, the tree species began to be subdivided, and a number of tree species were included in the redwood category. Now we are using 33 kinds of national standard redwoods. These 33 species are called mahogany, and have nothing to do with color. The most obvious counterexample is sea yellow. Hainan huanghuali is yellow, but it is one of the most precious mahogany! Similar to Burmese rosewood, Vietnamese huanghuali and so on. However, because the name of the mahogany has become a habit, it continues.

Redwood is sold by catty, so the heavier the more expensive

This error is most obvious. A simple example is the same heavy two furniture. One is the finished sea yellow, the other is the rough mahogany. The value is absolutely different. The material and labor cannot be sold in pounds. Even two pieces of furniture of the same material are superior in craftsmanship and ingeniously crafted, and their value is absolutely different.

Mahogany furniture is the old furniture of the Ming and Qing Dynasties, not fashionable

Ming and Qing furniture is a peak in the production of furniture in China. It has always been respected by people, but it does not mean that all mahogany furniture is the kind of quaint, heavy-carved furniture. Now, with the rise of new Chinese furniture, many mahogany furniture is simple and stylish, which is in line with the habits of modern young people. In addition, even the classical mahogany furniture, mixed in the modern family, is also a fashion.

Mahogany furniture is too expensive to be used only for collection

There is no doubt that mahogany furniture has a huge collection value, but that doesn't mean you have to buy it if you buy mahogany furniture. The mahogany furniture itself is very durable. Many furniture in the Ming and Qing Dynasties have been handed down. It has been used for hundreds of years. It is just evidence. On the other hand, the mahogany itself needs to be in contact with people. This is also an aspect of maintaining mahogany. Therefore, don't be afraid to use mahogany furniture, the more you use the mahogany furniture, the better!

Mahogany furniture is suitable for collection but poor practicality

Because the collection value of mahogany is emphasized, it makes people ignore its essence. As a piece of furniture, mahogany itself is extremely practical. And in terms of price, most of them are relatively civilian. Compared with ordinary solid wood furniture, the price is actually much higher, and the use value is far greater than that of solid wood furniture.

Redwood is very troublesome to maintain and requires professional care.

The daily maintenance of mahogany furniture is the same as that of ordinary solid wood furniture. It follows the principle of “five preventions” and “three nos”: “five preventions” are anti-sunlight direct exposure, anti-drying, anti-moist, fireproof, insect-proof mole bites. "Three noes" is not to pile heavy objects on the top of the cabinet, on the table, and on the seat surface to avoid deformation of the furniture; do not wipe with a damp cloth or rinse with water, or use alkaline water, alcohol or organic solvent to avoid damage to the wood. Fiber; lightly lift when moving, do not drag and pull to avoid damage.

To sum up, in fact, it is like "love and care" for new furniture, it will not have problems. Moreover, mahogany furniture will produce a ladle when it is used, and it will be more and more new.

This "heard" is true

The mahogany furniture is too deep, so many experts can't understand

Due to its particularity, mahogany furniture requires specialized tools to be identified even by experts. At the same time, just like everyone has different DNA, mahogany also has a lot of unique textures of its own, basically no one can recognize all the varieties; and even if the same variety, the origin is different, the appearance is different, the price is very different Big, so just like the identification of antiques, you may make mistakes if you don't pay attention.

Therefore, when buying mahogany furniture, start from the source, go to the manufacturer to see the original material logo, look at the quality and reserves of the wood, and see if the material is fine. Manufacturers with large wood reserves will generally have materials. At the same time, when determining the purchase of mahogany furniture, it is necessary to look at the card, the certificate and the scientific name of the wood on the certificate. If there is a problem, there is a basis for the manufacturer.

The more common method is to choose a brand with a long history and a large scale. Such enterprises pay attention to brand maintenance and generally do not have fraud.

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