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Russia Raises 180,000 People To Sign A Request To Suspend Timber Exports To China
Nov 28, 2018

Russia is a country with a vast and sparsely populated country. It has relied on industries such as heavy industry and agriculture to support domestic economic development. The rich resources of its colleagues have not been wasted. It has been maintaining natural gas, coal and other resources. Export activities.

China is in a period of rapid development, and at the same time it is a country of infrastructure. The demand for wood is very high. The timber in Russia is not only rich in production, but also has excellent material prices. Together with the geographical advantages of the two countries, it maintains many years of timber trade. . But just a while ago, this very happy trade cooperation was an accident. The nationals in the Siberian region of Russia actually launched a joint protest, raising the signature of 180,000 people to suspend Russia's export of timber to China. This is how the same thing?

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According to this Siberian resident, the amount of timber imported from Russia over the past few years is too much. In recent years, the number of imports has been updated to the previous record, with daily imports reaching 12 million cubic meters. With the expansion of Russian timber exports, Siberia has experienced a very large amount of logging, which has seriously damaged the local vegetation and natural environment. Only because of this, the local residents initiated a joint petition letter, and in just a few months, they raised 180,000 signatures, demanding that China suspend the import of timber from Russia and that they have a healthy ecological environment.

After learning that the reason is like this, Chinese netizens are not happy, and they all say that we can not back this pot. China imports timber according to formal channels, although the quantity is very large, but also provides intuitive income due to local economic development. This is a normal trade. The local people’s deforestation is the quality of these people and has nothing to do with China’s import trade.

As a resource exporting country, Russia exports more than one of China, so does the family think that there is no reason for the joint petition appointed by Siberia?

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