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Russian Prime Minister Answers The Issue Of Timber Exports To China
Dec 10, 2018

Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev responded to the issue of timber exports to China on December 6 in an interview with Russian television.

     The host of the Tomsk TV station raised the issue of log export. She said that Tomsk foresters often reported that the entire hectare of timber was exported to China. The host believes that this situation not only occurs frequently in Tomsk, but also in all Russian frontier regions.

     He said: "The government hopes to build timber processing plants, furniture companies and modern sawmills in Russia. This is our goal for contractors. Western companies and some Chinese companies have done this, but not all. ."

     The Russian Prime Minister pointed out that a timber product tracking system is being established to track the source of each log, the cutting time and the miners. He said that strengthening forest management is important because it is a national treasure that must be preserved for future generations.

     Medvedev added that he discussed this issue with President Putin last week.

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