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Sales Of Finnish Sawn Timber And Other Products In China
Jan 05, 2019

  On December 19th, a train loaded with 41 container sawn timbers was opened from Kuvola in eastern Finland to Xi'an, the capital city of Shaanxi Province in northwestern China. Tommy, product manager of the famous Finnish forest company Metsa Fibre? Tommi Saarnisto said that it takes two weeks for 1800 cubic meters of wood products to be shipped to Xi'an. This journey covers Russia and Central Asian countries, and trains will enter Kazakhstan from Kazakhstan via the Alatatu Pass.

    Metsa Fiber is currently the largest softwood pulp supplier in China, but the company is responsible for the wood business senior vice president Jani? Jani Riissanen said that sales of new products such as sawn wood have begun to grow in China.

    Anu Kujansuu, marketing director of Kouvola Cargo Processing, said that Metsa Fibre is one of the “big customers” who accept rail logistics in China. “We look forward to major customers like Metsa interested in rail transportation,” Kujansuu said. She believes that rail service is a good choice between air transport and sea, although the price is a bit high. But time is money, you can't wait 45 days to deliver the goods to the customer. She added that railways are more environmentally friendly than other methods, and many large companies are paying attention to this advantage.

    Riissanen believes that the freight trains arriving in Xi'an offer a good option to expand the market in this vast country, especially in the remote inland areas far from the coastline.

    According to Kujansuu, trains heading east are currently running twice a week on average. She is satisfied with the development of the train transportation. She believes that the railway service connecting China one year ago has a bright future.

    When talking about the 40th anniversary of China's open policy, she said: "In the past, I never thought that a company in Kuvora, Finland, rather than a seaport, would be so closely connected with China. We didn't realize how much we were from China. Nearly. Of course, we believe that this new route and all these train routes from China to Europe are a huge development.

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