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South American Log Market Continues To Perform Weakly
Jan 07, 2019

  The South American log market continues to show boring, and the small single is also love. Recently displayed in the South American timber market. The market has been quiet for a long time, Belize Dalbergia recently sent a low-cost promotion voice, interested businesses may wish to pay attention.

  The red sandalwood of Mexico, where it originated, continues to face a market dilemma. Some merchants said that with the lack of stock in the domestic market, but the market is still moving, the pressure on the merchants is highlighted, and it is not good to change the materials. At present, the price of red sandalwood in Mexico, which is produced in Guangdong, is 5,000 yuan/ton, down 1,500 yuan/ton from the beginning of the year.

  Although the recent price trend is stable, the overall sales volume has also declined to varying degrees, and the merchants are also ready to hold the New Year, and the business mentality is relatively stable.

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