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Strategic Issues Arising From The Significant Growth In Australian MDF Imports
Nov 06, 2018

Australia: According to the leading company in the trade and market consultancy industry, as of February 2017, MDF imports increased by 41%, totaling more than 131,000 m3. The increase in imports of MDF and the high import levels of all other sheet products have raised important strategic issues for the domestic industry.

    According to the latest import data analysis, not only is the import volume rising in 2017, but the average price is very stable. Tim Woods, managing director of the industry's leading edge company, said: “The import of MDF has increased by 41%, which is considerable. But at the same time, the average import price has increased by less than 1%. This shows that price is not the main factor driving import growth.” 2017 In the year, the average price of imported MDF (offshore price, previously included in shipping costs) was AUD 523.67/m3.

    In 2017, other plate products also increased significantly. In the same period, the total import of plywood reached 500,000 m3, an increase of more than 27%, while the import of particleboard increased by 37% to nearly 120,000 m3. Woods pointed out: "The 2017 import price of plywood and particleboard has fallen. This seems to be the driving force for its imports, but we don't think this will explain all import growth."

    With the approval of housing in 2017 and modest growth in construction (houses and townhouses have grown and apartments and flats have fallen sharply), demand for these products does not appear to increase significantly.

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