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The Most Cattle 10 Trees On Earth Six Trees In China Part One
Dec 14, 2018

According to estimates by scientists, our Mother Earth has been 4.6 billion years old. It can be said that the Earth has witnessed countless lives from birth to death. These lifes are both ancient trilobites and huge Tyrannosaurus Rex. There are big trees that are flush with the mountains, and there are also low grasses!

Today, Shuyi tells about the 10 most cattle trees on the earth. Six of them are in China, and the value is incalculable. One is Li Shimin's planting!

 Patriaca Floresta Tree

 Patriaca Floresta Tree.jpg

Located in the pristine tropical rainforest of South America, it grows the oldest and oldest non-coniferous tree in Brazil and even South America. This tree is the Patriaca Floresta tree, calculated according to Brazilian botanists. This Patria Card Floresta tree is already over 3,000 years old and can be said to be the most cattle tree in South America!

Bai riding big chestnut tree

Bai riding big chestnut tree.jpg

On an island above the Mediterranean Sea, there is a giant tree with a diameter of 17,5 meters and a circumference of 55 meters. This tree is located on the Mediterranean island of Sicily. It is said that when you have a king with more than 100 The knight came here and drove heavy rain. The king came to the place with his more than 100 knights to hide from the rain, so he had the name of the giant horse chestnut tree!

 Laozi hand planted ginkgo


Located in Hanzhong, Shanxi Province, where there is a village, there is a ancient ginkgo tree with a height of 18 meters and a crown of 410 square meters. Although it looks far away, this old tree looks very old, and The heart of the tree has dried up, but the branches in the northeast have become so leafy. According to the local county records, this tree is the time when the doctors go to the city to build the city, and the value is made!

Spanish Dragon Blood Tree

Spanish Dragon Blood Tree.jpg

On the Iberian Peninsula in Europe, there is an ancient wood dragon tree, which grows on the Mediterranean coast, especially friends who are going to travel to the Mediterranean, will see the dragon tree, because this tree The highest is 22 meters, even if the bottom of the trunk reaches a length of 10 meters, the weight is estimated to reach 70 tons, and the age of the tree is about 1000 years. See how precious it is!

Alishan Shenmu

Alishan Shenmu.jpg

In the depths of Alishan in Taiwan Province of China, there is a eucalyptus tree that is about 52 meters high and needs more than a dozen people to be surrounded. According to botanists, this ancient tree has a history of more than 3,000 years and is called Asia. Tree king!

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