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What Is Ash And Wooden Lid For Cosmetic Packaging
Oct 29, 2018

Ash is a dicotyledonous plant with a similar appearance to European eucalyptus. Distributed in parts of North America and Europe, it is easy to cut tools, polished, and resistant to decay. Wood has a large compressive strength, a static bending strength and a tensile strength. Ash is mainly used for American furniture, flooring, high-grade coat racks, decorative lines, fine woodwork, sports equipment, tool handles, etc. More widely used in machinery manufacturing, snowboard, mainly produces pulp and furniture wood, coarse texture. Bark and fruit are used in medicine as laxatives, as well as dark brown and blue dyes.

Wooden Lid For Cosmetic Packaging

Wooden Lid

Now,people are increasingly advocating the concept of natural skin care. Good skin care products require a good skin care jar. This wooden lid  is made of natural ash wood. The natural material and your natural skin care products must match very well. Your customers will also like your products more.

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