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Wholesale Wooden Wine Boxes
Nov 30, 2018

Wooden Wine Boxes With Sliding Lid

Wooden Wine Boxes With Sliding Lid.jpg

The wooden wine boxes is made of Cairan pine wood and has a luxurious design. It is very suitable for gift giving, the rope design is easy to carry, the sliding cover is easy to open, and the inner box has a card hole for putting red wine, which can fix the bottle to prevent collision, and it is suitable to pack the red wine gift.

Feature Of Sliding Lid Wooden Wine Boxes 

1,Rope handle design, easy to carry

2, Professional seamless stitching technology

3, According to the number of placement, choose the box size

4, Professional printing technology, can print your brand LOGO for you

5, Sliding lid design, luxury fashion, gift giving

6,Sturdy and durable, built-in card hole, avoid bottle collision

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