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Wood Furniture Sofa Legs-African White Rosewood
Sep 26, 2018

    A few days ago, I was surprised to hear that a friend who made "African Rosewood" furniture said that he would change to "white rosewood."

    The difference between "African rosewood" and "white rosewood" can be more than one grade. The market positioning of the two kinds of furniture is completely different, and the dealers and customer groups are different.

    A non-acid factory that has been stable in sales has suddenly crossed the "white rosewood", which is tantamount to a great revolution and a great leap forward.

    After a few words of surprise, I learned that what he had to do was "African White Rose."

    "White rosewood" is a common name. For many years, the commonly known "white rosewood" in the rosewood market has defaulted to "Australia Dalbergia", which belongs to the red rosewood in the national standard redwood.

    "African white rosewood" is undoubtedly just a common name, so what is its scientific name?

    "Tiger Tiger Tan"?

    In fact, "Tiger Ban Tan" is also a common name.

    In order to clarify the exact scientific name of this wood, we sampled it and sent it to the senior wood research scholar Mr. Judy. After his anatomy, the real scientific name of this wood is "multi-leaf red sapwood".

    Multi-leaf red Sumu, also known as Becky Bean, Latin name: baikiaea plurijuga.

    Also known as rhodesian teak (rhodesian teak), zambian teak.

    However, "multiple leaflet red hematoxylin" is not teak, not in verbena-tepid, but a tree species of the genus Leguminosae - Sumuaceae - Red Sucred.

    Large trees; diameters up to 1 meter, heights up to 15 to 20 meters, the main producing areas are Zambia, Zimbabwe and other southern African countries.

    At the moment when most of the national standard redwood species are listed as international endangered species, various alternatives to mahogany are emerging:

    African rosewood (Red Guibao / Cola Bean),

    East African rosewood (Shen Guibao / secondary ebony / pair of ancient Yi Su wood),

    Bus flower / minibus flower,

    Australian lance wood,

    Cambodian black rosewood (Maomarind)

    More than a dozen alternatives to mahogany have been the focus of the mahogany market.

    Some of them have been welcomed by manufacturers. For example, the market consumption of wood species such as African rosewood even surpasses most of the national standard mahogany materials.

    According to Muyou, the density, hardness and stability of many small leaf red Sumu are very ideal, and many manufacturers are actively trying to promote it.

    In addition, it is commonly known as "African white rosewood" and "Tiger spotted sandalwood" for marketing purposes, but it should never be called "white rosewood". This is not only a problem that is easy to confuse, but a complete confusion. It is not good for the whole market!

Long Tapered Hard Wood Furniture Sofa Legs


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