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  • Recently, Dongguan Shuyi Wooden Crafts Co., Ltd. won the 2018 Excellent Supplier and the Most Cooperation Potential Award. The event was jointly organized by several large domestic enterprises. The award to the tree art award is an affirmation of the……
    Jan 16
  • Hardwood producers interviewed in the Appalachian region and the Pacific Northwest reported strong timber production in the first half of 2018, but this situation changed rapidly during the summer as the trade war began to heat up.……
    Jan 15
  • China, Japan, South Korea, and even Southeast Asia are all known as the "Far East." When we hear it, we know that it is spoken by Europeans. From Europe to the East, we are the farthest.……
    Jan 14
  • According to the Ministry of Resources and Natural Environment Protection of Myanmar, in order to protect the sustainable development of forest timber resources in Myanmar, one year after the timber harvesting production is suspended, the production ……
    Jan 11
  • According to the website of the New Zealand Forest Lords Association, since October 1, 2018, South Korea has asked importers of specific timber products to submit relevant documents to the Korean Customs to confirm the legality of their imported timb……
    Jan 10
  • The South American log market continues to show boring, and the small single is also love. Recently displayed in the South American timber market. The market has been quiet for a long time, Belize Dalbergia recently sent a low-cost promotion voice, i……
    Jan 07
  • On December 19th, a train loaded with 41 container sawn timbers was opened from Kuvola in eastern Finland to Xi'an, the capital city of Shaanxi Province in northwestern China. Tommy, product manager of the famous Finnish forest company Metsa Fibre? T……
    Jan 05
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